2023 Detroit Lions Over/Under win total odds, predictions, picks


September’s presence, mere days away, and the air turning crisp can only mean one thing … NFL football is back, baby!

Now that sportsbooks have dropped Over/Under win totals for every team in the league, it’s time to dive into the fun and look at the numbers from a betting perspective.

Can the Detroit Lions eclipse their win total of 9.5?

Here is how our FOX Sports talent sees the Lions’ season playing out.

Pick via FOX Sports Betting Analyst Sam Panayotovich: Lions Under 9.5 wins

I’m cackling at the Lions being priced in the 20-1 range to win the Super Bowl. The FOX Sports Betting Analyst

Sam Panayotovich: Lions Under 9.5 wins I’m cackling at the Lions being priced in the 20-1 range to win Super Bowl. What planet am i on? Detroit’s offensive line is one of the NFL’s best, but its defense is a major problem. Last year, the Lions were the team that allowed the most points and yards. They didn’t make any major changes.

Pick via FOX Sports NFC North Writer

Carmen Vitali

  • : Lions Over 9.5 wins Pick via FOX NFC North Writer:
  • Carmen vitali

: Lions Over 9.5 wins

  • I’ve never been more excited about an Over for the Lions. This is the same team that went from 1-8 to 9-8 in just one week before their bye. The team has made a lot of investments in veterans through free agency and I believe their draft class was underrated. This must result in more than half a game improvement, according to me. Detroit’s passing defense was what held them back in the beginning of the season. With all the investments Detroit has made in the secondary this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Ben Johnson, the offensive coordinator, has added more wrinkles to a team that scored fifth most points per game last season. The roster is complete and very talented. Plus, Lions fans believe. The Lions have sold out their season tickets for the very first time. I have to think this is the year they get into double-digit wins, and they’re my favorites to win the NFC North.
  • FOX Sports Research Nuggets
  • 6-7 (Over-Under) since 2010
  • In the last 27 seasons, have only won 10 games twice (2011, 2014)
  • 2022 In Review
  • Overall: 9-8, second in NFC North
  • Home record: 5-4
  • Road record: 4-4
  • Divisional record: 5-1
  • Point differential: +26 (ninth in NFL)

Notable stretch: finished season 8-2 over last 10 games

Will Lions or Packers snag the NFC North title?

Points per game: 26.6 (fifth in NFL)

Yards per game: 380 (fourth in NFL)

  • Opponent points per game: 25.1 (T-28th in NFL)
  • Opponent yards per game: 392.4 (32nd in NFL)

Will Lions or Packers snag the NFC North title?

Nick Wright and Chris Broussard reveal predictions for the NFC North.

What to Know

  • Head Coach: Dan Campbell, second season (12-21)
  • 2023 Strength of Schedule: .495 (13th-easiest in NFL)
  • Key Additions
  • Key Subtractions
  • Win Totals From Last 5 Years

2022: 92021: 3spshoot2020: 5

2019: 3@CarmieV2018: 6

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