Congressional Republicans knock Democrats over influx of asylum seekers in New York City


“An unmitigated catastrophe,” a narrator declares against a background of clips showing migrants travelling together en masse. Not just at the border but also in the Big Apple. This ad featured images of prominent politicians including President Biden, other politicians and public personalities of color. The narrator asked, “What is the extreme democrats’ response?” before announcing the words in capital letters: “Defund the Police”. “It’s dangerous. It’s extreme and Democrats turn away when asked to step forward.” The Republicans did not win as many seats in the midterm elections of 2022 as was expected, but they still managed to win the majority. New York will be the key battleground in 2024 for control of Congress. “Ignoring border crises won’t fix New York’s migrant problem, despite Hakeem Jeffreys’ desperate wish,” said NRCC press secretary Will Reinert in a statement. Extreme House Democrats scurry away when asked about the issue – allowing the state’s GOP Congressional delegation to be the only face of reason in the Empire State,” NRCC press secretary Will Reinert said in a statement.

The video comes as New Yorkers have been struggling to find housing for migrants, and migrant encounters at the border are climbing once again, after dipping in June after the rollback of Title 42, the controversial pandemic-era policy that gave border agents the authority to turn away migrants. Biden has proposed several policy solutions, but they are all now in court due to legal challenges on both sides of politics.

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