DeSantis vows states will be equal partners in enforcing border policy


Republican presidential candidate and Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. Ron DeSantis promised that states would be equal partners in enforcing border policy if wins the 2024 general election.

“When I am president, we are going to unleash the states, they are going to be equal partners with enforcing immigration law,” DeSantis said in a new interview with Glenn Beck. DeSantis questioned why we are going through this absurd process of people having to go to court. “I believe that the DOJ would be involved if the state did more.” DeSantis added. “People say it’s a sole federal responsibility… if we have a strong border policy a state can’t let people in of course, but if we have a policy and it’s not being enforced fully, why should the states not do it, they should absolutely be able to enforce the law, we’ll make that happen.”

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DeSantis’ comments come after the Biden administration granted more than 400,000 Venezuelans work permits, while at the same time sending 800 new troops to help with the migrant influx at the southern border.

Biden’s border policies have been widely criticized by Republicans, particularly governors from GOP-led states who told the president “shelters were full” and that “food pantries were empty.”

A 25 governors letter, headed by Montana’s Greg Gianforte asked for information about where migrants were admitted, and when they had been relocated. At the same time, the governors asked for real-time border numbers on asylum claim timelines, qualification rates and successful deportations.

At the same time, the governors accused Biden of encouraging “illegal immigration.”

Meanwhile, Democrats praised Biden’s move to expand work permit expansion, underscoring the heated debate over border policy that has and continues to divide both parties. All rights reserved.

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