Didn't Migrate to Google Analytics 4? Here Is Why You Need to Do That Now


Owning an online business or store comes with many responsibilities. It is important to keep your website’s analytics accurate and up-to-date. Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking website traffic, measuring ad campaign success and providing meaningful insights. It helps track website traffic, measure ad campaign success, and provide meaningful insights.

However, as a busy business owner, you might have missed the big news: Universal Analytics is switching to Google Analytics 4. Don’t worry if you forgot to do this! This blog post is here to help.

Why Do Businesses Need Google Analytics?

Before we dive into specifics, we should explain why Google Analytics is crucial for your business. With Google Analytics, you can measure your website’s success and shortcomings, study your audience, track your marketing performance, and make decisions based on actual data.

You can gather information about audience behavior from analytics–like the most viewed pages on your website, time spent on a page, and device usage. These details can help you customize your website to improve user experience.

Simply put, Google Analytics help:

  • Prevent you from wasting money on promotional campaigns that don’t work;
  • Improve your customers’ shopping experience based on data, not anecdotal evidence;
  • Run remarketing ad campaigns, which let you set up ads to target people who visited your store;
  • And even more!

If you still haven’t set up Google Analytics for your Ecwid store, follow these steps from our Help Center. These instructions will help you install Google Analytics 4 for your Ecwid Store. You’ll want to migrate to GA 4 to stay


with the latest analytical software.Google Analytics 4 is a tremendous upgrade from Universal Analytics. The new features are designed to help companies better understand their customers. With this latest system, you can track user behavior and conversions more effectively.The newer GA 4 also has more of a focus on user privacy, with an emphasis on data controls for users. While respecting customer privacy, it allows you to collect data from your website and apps, both iOS and Android.

Plus, Google’s machine learning model allows you to estimate future user actions, such as the likelihood of someone making a purchase or stopping their subscription. It can help you predict future revenue!

Moreover, Google has announced that Google Analytics 4 would be the future of their data platform. It’s best to switch over to Google Analytics 4, before Universal Analytics is phased-out. Universal Analytics will cease to process data after July 1, 2023. If you want to continue to track your store’s and ads’ performance, then switch to Google Analytics 4 after July 1, 2023. You will also only have six months from July 1 to download your Universal Analytics data. How to migrate to GA 4? It’ll help you with the migration process.



is a website or mobile application with a unique tracking ID.


Google tag

is a tag you can add to your website to use Google products and services, such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. It helps you measure the effectiveness of your website and ads; for example, time spent on page, clicks, and purchases.

For simplified tag management, you can use a free tool,

Google Tag Manager. If you have an Ecwid store, you can easily connect Google Tag Manager to your Instant Site or another website using the app from our App Market.Goals

measure how well your website fulfills your target objectives. A goal is a completed activity that contributes to your business’s success. For an ecommerce website, a goal is usually making a purchase.Here are the detailed instructions on the migration process. Plus, here’s a video if you prefer video format:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa8-TLldfCM

Remember to migrate to GA 4 through a desktop browser, not the Analytics mobile app. To minimize the possibility of errors, complete your migration in one sitting. You need to keep analyzing the traffic on your website and gain insights into your online store. Although it may be intimidating, switching will give you results which benefit your business as well as your customers. It’s never too late to jump on board! You can still jump on board!