Federal judge blocks New Mexico governor's firearm carry ban


A federal judge in New Mexico temporarily blocked New Mexico Gov. The Associated Press reports that Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) has temporarily blocked the New Mexico Gov. District Judge David Urias made the decision on Wednesday amid an intense backlash by both sides. In an emergency health order, Grisham prohibited the open and concealed carrying of firearms in areas of the state with a high level of violent crime. Albuquerque is the only city that meets this criteria. The restrictions are in effect for all public spaces, including government offices and open areas, but police and security personnel will be exempt. The order would have expired after 30 days unless Grisham decided to extend it. The governor cited recent shootings in the state, which have resulted in children being killed. These include an 11-year old boy who was shot outside a minor-league baseball game as well as a string of shootings that targeted Muslim men last week.

Grisham’s order was the subject of multiple lawsuits, which demanded a stop to the order. They argued that it violated constitutional rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. According to the AP and the court, Urias sided in favor of plaintiffs in a number of these lawsuits, and granted a temporary restraining of the Governor’s suspension. The order will remain in effect until a hearing on Oct. 3. “I don’t fault her for wanting action against terrible acts,” Urias stated Wednesday, noting that he had been asked to make a decision on a very narrow issue related to citizens rights. Local police have also opposed the measure. Both the Albuquerque Police Department, and the local sheriff, have pledged not to enforce the law. All rights reserved.

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