From a Floating Home in Portland to a Hilly Perch in Los Angeles. Which House Was Right?


They would step onto their deck and enjoy the view of Hayden Island as they listened to the water lapping at their porch. They would enjoy the view of Hayden Island from their deck, which was surrounded by about two dozen homes on a residential dock in the Columbia River. The water lapping at their porch was a treat. They missed their adult children who lived in Los Angeles, nearly 1,000 miles from them. Around a decade back, the Bankers started spending more time in Los Angeles to be with their family and escape from the cold. Last year, the Bankers rented a 1-bedroom apartment in Echo Park, a neighborhood on the east side. The Bankers were curious and casually visited open houses around the area. They considered buying a new home at first but soon realized that they could not afford it. The Bankers decided to sell the floating home earlier this year when a friend showed interest. The Bankers wanted to be near their children and close to restaurants and shopping. They also wanted to be in the east side of Los Angeles. Both bird-watchers were drawn to the area by its parks. A little extra space would allow them to indulge in their hobbies, which include bookbinding and pottery. Ms. Barraza was surprised when she met the Bankers. She thought, “Oh, no, they’re in for a huge shock.” When she met the Bankers, Ms. Barraza thought, “Oh, no, they’re in for a huge shock.”

Properties were moving fast, and there was low inventory, she said: “The market was very strong.”

Among their options:

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