Giuliani’s Upper East Side Apartment Is For Sale


Apartment 10W, located at 45 East 66th Street in Manhattan was listed for $6.5 Million back in July. According to the listing, this prewar apartment has “ample sunlight, high ceilings and beautiful hardwood flooring.” Adam Katz, his lawyer, filed an article about the apartment being listed for sale as an exhibit to show that Mr. Giuliani was “close to broke.”

His lawyer, Adam Katz, filed an article about the apartment being listed for sale as an exhibit to show that Mr. Giuliani, 79, “was close to broke.”

That was earlier this month at a court hearing where lawyers for Smartmatic, an election technology company that sued Mr. Giuliani and Fox News in 2021 over false claims of election fraud, argued that Mr. Giuliani was using his financial state as an excuse for not sharing discovery documents.

There “are a lot of bills that he’s not paying, from a $57,000 phone bill to significantly more,” Mr. Katz said at the hearing. “I believe that this is a very humbling experience for Mr. Giuliani.” He surrendered to an Atlanta jail last week for the racketeering charge against former President Donald J. Trump. Mr. Giuliani has been identified as a co-conspirator.

The controversies have left stains not just on Mr. Giuliani’s reputation, but on the apartment’s as well. The F.B.I. raided the apartment in 2021. in 2021, overshadowing its walking distance to Nobu and Bergdorf Goodman.

Years ago, “it was a very positive thing” to prospective buyers that Mr. Giuliani lived there, said Dolly Lenz, a luxury real estate agent, who has had multiple listings in the co-op.

“It was like, it’s America’s mayor, he chose this building — all very good things ascribed to him living in the same building,” she said. But today, Ms. Lenz said she “would suspect it would be wildly different.”

The Sotheby’s broker currently listing Mr. Giuliani’s apartment is Serena Boardman who New York magazine once called the “broker to the fallen stars” when she won the task of marketing a different disreputable owner’s property — Bernie Madoff’s Manhattan penthouse. She didn’t respond to comments. Mr. Katz also did not respond.

The Penthouse

Judith Giuliani, Mr. Giuliani’s ex-wife, recalled the apartment’s glory days, which coincided with Mr. Giuliani’s peak as a national household name in the wake of 9/11. The New York Post reported that in 2002, his mayoral term was over and he began searching for an apartment on the Upper East Side, while staying at a nearby hotel.

He needed a home that matched his heft, and he wouldn’t settle — Ms. Giuliani said that he wanted a top-floor apartment.

“He never even saw the apartment until we had already decided to buy it,” she said, adding that the interior design and decoration was done by her. She said, “He never saw the apartment until we had already decided to buy it.” She added that she did all of the interior design and decoration. “It was our home,” said Ms. Giuliani (68), who had been married to Mr. Giuliani 15 years. She said, “He loved coming home.” It was a place he would go to relax, smoke cigars, and watch Yankee games. She said that the dining room can seat 40 people. “I loved giving my themed luncheons — make an Easter egg for Easter,

Valentine’s — I’m known for that, I still do that.” The Giulianis’ guest lists were just as impressive; the Kissingers, Vera Wang and George Pataki, among others, attended the events, she said. There were also difficult times spent in that apartment. Ms. Giuliani stated that Mr. Giuliani had prostate cancer when they first met. “We also lived through it in that apartment,” she said. In addition to the Upper East Side apartment, Giuliani also owned a Hamptons house which he purchased for $3.2M in 2004. He also had a locker in the legendary Nat Sherman smoking lounge located in Midtown Manhattan. The gothic apartment complex, built between 1906-1908, was designated a landmark by the United States government in 1977. When architects wanted to add a penthouse at the top, Giuliani tried to stop the construction. Brian Morgenstern was a Giuliani lawyer who told Curbed in 2014 that “a penthouse atop a penthouse atop a penthouse would be too much.” Mr. Giuliani was concerned because his apartment at the time was located on the top floor and he did not want to lose that status.

“At the point when we purchased it, it had a penthouse.” She said that Rudy was very concerned about living in a penthouse.

The new addition was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Mr. Giuliani’s position was slipping. Public opinion was already turning against Mr. Giuliani as a result of his dealings with President Trump. She told The Times that she was saddened to learn that Mr. Giuliani had become a liar. He was once the mayor of New York City, and he was highly respected. So, it seemed logical that he would have that apartment.”

But it’s “no longer a home,” Ms. Giuliani said. It was “astonishing” to me that he would film in the library in 2020 for a podcast. Then came the F.B.I. search as part of an investigation by the FBI into his Ukraine dealings while Mr. Trump’s lawyer. “No matter what happened, I have many happy memories from that apartment,” Ms. Giuliani said. “And I hope the next person is well and I wish Rudy a good life.”

Alain DeLaqueriere

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