Have tickets to the Taylor Swift movie this weekend? Get ready for a dance party


Taylor Swift performs onstage for the opening night of her The Eras Tour at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on March 17, 2023.

Kevin Winter | Getty Images

Take us to church, Taylor.

Starting Friday, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour film arrives in theaters, and with it comes a certain expectation of exuberance from those in attendance. Friendship bracelet swapping, outfits dripping with shimmery crystals, hands painted with the number 13 and lots of dancing are all part of the concert experience — and expressly encouraged.

Movie theater chains, such as distributor AMC Entertainment, have told audiences they can sing and dance in the auditoriums, but should refrain from dancing on seats or blocking other guests’ view of the big screen.

Phones, too, are allowed so long as moviegoers don’t record the concert film. The 2 hour 48 minute event will be filled with selfies. However, it’s expected that most will be lax when it comes to traditional theater etiquette.

The showings are likely to be reminiscent of specialty screenings of films such as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” where audiences participate in chants and other rituals.

So, get ready to shout “One, two, three, let’s go b—-!” You can double clap at the bridge of the song “You Belong With Me” or the beginning of the song “Delicate”. Since Swift announced her The Eras Tour theatrical release, ticket sales have skyrocketed. AMC reported last week that presales had already exceeded $100 million for its theaters, and expectations are that the film will easily surpass that figure in its opening weekend.

Cinemas have shown taped concerts in the past, but few have driven the fervor for ticket sales like Swift.

The excitement, which has led movie theaters to design specialty popcorn buckets, create boutique cocktails and even set up friendship bracelet-making tables, illustrates there’s a hunger for making something bigger and more memorable out of a trip to the movies.

It’s also likely why a documentary on Beyonce’s “Renaissance” album and tour is coming to theaters in December.

Both Swift and Beyonce’s films are being sold as premium experiences, with higher-priced tickets. Tickets for the Eras Tour start at $13.13 per child and $19.89 per adult. However, seats in IMAX and Dolby formats and other premium formats are more expensive. Beyonce’s film will see base tickets set at $22 a piece.

For comparison, average adult ticket prices for regular film releases in 2023 have ranged between $11 and $14 apiece for standard formats.

“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” will play in theaters during the weekends through Nov. 5.