How to Build an Ecommerce Website: The Easiest Way That Requires No Experience


In the digital age, an online presence for your business is not only a good idea but essential. People spend a lot of time on the internet, whether it’s for social media or studying. They also use it to shop and work. Why not use this opportunity to establish trust with your brand, connect with your customers and grow your audience? It doesn’t need to be that way! Whether you’re

tech-savvy or not, you can create an ecommerce website yourself easily and quickly. What is an Ecommerce Site?An electronic commerce website allows you to transfer information and money via the Internet. You can also choose to get paid offline, for example in cash, when the product is delivered to the customer. You can also choose to get paid offline, for example, in cash, when the product is delivered to the customer.

An example of an ecommerce website

How Do I Create an Ecommerce Website?

Here’s how you can create your own ecommerce website:

You can build it yourself from scratch

using a CMS

(content management system) platform or a popular site builder. Software that allows you to create, edit, and manage digital content is called CMS. A website builder allows you to put together a site using pre-built components.Or, you can use special ecommerce platforms

. They can be open-source, which are platforms where the source code is available for developers, allowing them to modify and adapt the software for different purposes. However, open-source platforms require some degree of technical skills.There are also SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms

, where ecommerce providers build, host, and maintain the software, so users don’t have to maintain it themselves.If you’re not tech-savvy,

choosing an ecommerce site with a SaaS platform such as Ecwid by Lightspeed is the easiest and most efficient option. This way, to sell online with your own website, you don’t have to seek help from web developers or designers.When you sign up with Ecwid by Lightspeed, you get an easy-to-use

website with a built-in online store right away. No coding is needed–just add your products, your business information, and you’re ready to go.Brave Brew’s site is created with Ecwid by LightspeedIf you already have a website and just need to add a shopping cart, you can use Ecwid to embed an online store to your website. You can integrate an Ecwid store into any website, including:



  • Weebly
  • Or a site built with any other site builder, CMS, or website platform of your choice.
  • How Much Does an Ecommerce Website Cost?
  • To code an ecommerce website from scratch, you’ll need to hire a developer who may charge


or even more per hour to build an online store. This option is mostly suitable for bigger businesses that need a complex, deeply customizable website (for example, a large marketplace).If you run a small business and don’t have tech skills or a big budget, we recommend ecommerce platforms. Their entry plans are about $14-29

a month.When you sign up with Ecwid, you can create an ecommerce website at no charge. That’s right–you

get a free site regardless of what pricing plan you choose, a free or a paid one.After you sign up, you get your own site that is fully hosted, secure, and maintained by Ecwid–an

Instant Site.What Is Ecwid Instant Site?Instant Site is a free customizable


website with a built-in online store that allows you to start selling right away. It looks great on any device, including mobile, and has everything you need to build a successful online presence:Create a unique website using customizable content blocks and design themes. Edit and update your site content as often as you wish, no coding required.Professional and responsive designs make your site look great on any device.

  • Instant Site is the online destination to create a professional website and showcase your business’ unique identity and values. Our goal is to help you make a great first impression with your customers from the moment they land on your site.
  • An example of an Instant Site

Who is Instant Site for?

Instant Site is perfect for you if:

You need a website for your business, but you don’t have tech skills or any coding knowledge.

You’ve just started your business, and you want to start selling online as fast as possible.

  • Create your website
  • How to Build an Ecommerce Website with Ecwid’s Instant Site

First, you need to sign up with Ecwid. After signing up, you can begin customizing your Instant Site. Click Edit Site in your Ecwid admin and you will see the Instant Site Editor. Here you can edit your website content.

First, you need to choose a

template for your site

. Choose from over 40 ecommerce templates based on your niche. We have templates for all types of businesses, whether you are selling home appliances, jewelry, food or other products. This can be done by editing the content blocks. In

Homepage sections,you can edit your website’s content and order. Some of the most common sections are:Header & Menu

Cover & Headline

StoreCustomer ReviewsAbout Us

  • Contacts
  • Delivery & Payment
  • Footer
  • You can use all the sections provided or only select the ones that work for you and hide the rest. The
  • Header and Menu
  • is at the top of your site. You can use this section to display your brand’s logo, let customers contact you, or add an action link. You can use this section to display your logo, allow customers to contact you or add a link. All of which have a space for your store’s name and a short description.
  • As your cover image, you can upload a photo of your team, your product, or an
  • eye-catching

picture that represents what you do. This cover can be changed anytime to keep your site fresh, promote sales and events, or showcase new products.



section, of course, will consist of the products you sell. Here, you can customize your storefront’s appearance.You can customize the appearance of both a product list and a product page. You can change the size of thumbnails, layout of product pages, position of category names, and much more. You can also disable the display of your products if they do not have images.Instant Site allows you to lay out the information in a way that persuades customers to make a purchase. Even the

one-page checkout is designed to get more sales. This way, you can send a follow-up

email to those who abandoned their orders. This way, you can send a follow-up email to those who abandoned their orders.

The Customer Reviews section allows you to add a testimonial to show some social proof and increase customers’ trust.


About Us section is there for you to share your business story and create a connection with your site visitors.The Contacts section lets customers know where they can reach you. For quick communication, you can include your email address, phone number and social media links. You can also share the details of your

brick-and-mortar store if you have a physical location.The

Footer is the last section of your website. It displays the copyright information.You are able to change the order of all sections except for the Header and

Footer–these are always the first and the last sections of your ecommerce site. However, you are able to hide them, just like any other block.If you need help with setting up your website, check out our Help Center for detailed instructions on configuring the design and content of your Instant Site.Create an Ecommerce Website TodayEcwid Instant Site is a fast and

feature-rich solution to find your business a home on the web that is fully hosted, secure, and maintained by Ecwid. You can get your website in less than five minutes and its full setup won’t take more than a couple of hours.Did we mention that it’s all for free and no coding is required?

Start your ecommerce journey today!With Ecwid’s tools and your dedication, your store is destined for success. Create an online store from scratch in just five minutes. No coding is required to add it to an existing blog or website.