How To Find A Client-Centric Broker When Selling Property


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Look Our for Your Best Real Estate Interests

When you speak to a broker, listen for signs that they are viewing the sale from your perspective. You can ask yourself: “Is this broker just looking to sell quickly to earn a commission?” or “Is the brokerage putting themselves in my shoes to make the right decision?” He asks, “When was your last time that you told an owner to not sell?” This question helps him determine if a broker is more likely to advise clients to make a quick sale or to look at the long-term. A sales professional who acts in the best interest of their clients might advise on the best time to sell or suggest making changes to the property before bringing it to market.

Trustworthy and Transparent

References play an important role when choosing a broker, as do personal recommendations. Referrals and personal recommendations are important when choosing a broker. Ask for a list. You can also check the sales history of the broker. You can also call the owner of an address similar to the one you are looking for. When asked for references, I have shared my entire list of sales. I tell others they can pick out any sale I’ve carried out and I’d be happy to make an introduction to the owner.

A Partner in the Process

Sometimes the negotiations for a sale can stretch out–it’s not uncommon for this step to last for six months in the commercial real estate market. You’ll need someone you can trust to be in the foxhole with you during these conversations. Do they listen actively? Is the broker trying to understand your needs or do they have an agenda? They may use the same approach with buyers who are not interested in this type of approach if they apply high pressure to you. You should choose a broker whose communication style is similar to your own. It can be beneficial to choose a salesperson who has had a lot of experience and gone through the ups and downs. Brokers who have been in business for a long time will usually have a strategy they use to weather market fluctuations. Look for someone who can read conditions and make wise decisions about going forward.

Selecting a broker to help you sell your home or commercial asset could be an involved process, and well worth your time in the end. You can be assured that a client-centric sales professional will help you to find the terms and prices that are right for you. We’ll look closely at the work of brokers in the coming articles and show you how to identify the best sales professionals to help you present your property to the market and be able to build a long-term relationship with your clients.