How To Make Money From Your Phone: 15 Ways to Monetize Your Screen Time


Like most people today, you probably can’t live without your smartphone. These devices allow us to do almost anything, and they keep us entertained constantly. You can do so much with a small, portable device. You can check the weather, find information, send messages, make payments and more. They still function as traditional telephones! You can still use them as a traditional phone! There are many ways to earn money with your phone. It does take some work, but it is possible. We promise you won’t see any shady options and free money advice


the best tips on how to make legit money from your phone.Let’s get started.Participate in Consumer Surveys and Market Research

Many companies are willing to pay for consumer opinions and feedback. Many websites and apps offer surveys that allow you to share your opinions on products, services and brands. Apps like Branded Surveys and InboxDollars, for example, pay users to fill out market testing surveys. The process is pretty straightforward. Survey companies help these companies collect the information. Then, consumers like you fill out surveys, answer questions or provide feedback.

Participants can get paid in cash, gift cards, PayPal vouchers, or other bonuses. This won’t help you get rich, but it can be an excellent way to earn some extra cash on the side.

An example of a product testing survey (Source: SurveyMonkey)

Play Games

There are certain apps that actually pay users to play games online. Apps like Mistplay offer various game types where players can collect


rewards. Those rewards can then be exchanged for

real-world prizes. This is not an option that can replace your regular income. But it can be a fun way to make extra cash during your downtime.Take Part in User TestingSimilar to taking online surveys, many companies will also pay users to test out their websites or services online. This is something that the UserTesting application does. UserTesting matches its users to services that match their preferences. Use Cashback Apps while ShoppingThe userTesting app

Use cashback apps while shopping

Yes it is possible to earn money when you shop online. Some apps offer rewards for purchases such as gas, groceries, and clothes. Rakuten is one of the most


cashback apps out there, but there are dozens of others.

Of course, if you end up shopping just for the prospect of earning rewards, you won’t actually make any money. But signing up for one of these apps to supplement your shopping (that you would have done anyway) is a smart way to earn rewards.Sell Old ItemsEverybody has a few old and unused items sitting in storage somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want it. Someone else might. There are dozens of apps that facilitate the sale old and unused goods. eBay is a popular platform to sell vintage and used items.

Other sites like Nextdoor or Facebook Marketplace can be useful for finding local buyers and saving on shipping. There are several apps that specialize in selling and buying niche items. Poshmark is one app that allows users to sell designer clothing and home decor. Amazon is the largest online marketplace in America. Other platforms like Etsy and Walmart Marketplace are also viable. If you wish, you can sell on more than one marketplace. You can also create an ecommerce site that is independent of any marketplace. You can create a standalone ecommerce website using your smartphone!

With Lightspeed’s Ecwid, you can accomplish this in less than one hour. No design or coding knowledge is required. Ecwid’s mobile app makes it easy to set up and manage your online store. You can choose from 40+ design templates, which makes setting up an online store a breeze.

Using a template makes creating an online store easy even with your phone

Plus, Ecwid

doesn’t charge transaction fees

and has a Forever Free plan, which is perfect for beginners.

Setting up an online store involves as much or as little work as you want. You can make a good income by choosing the right products. If you are wondering how to make money from home on your


selling from an online store.

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Print-on-Demand ItemsBy leveraging

print-on-demand services, entrepreneurs and creatives can easily set up online stores and sell unique, personalized merchandise without an upfront investment or storage space.Print-on-demand

print-on-demand companies and sites available, such as Printful. These platforms offer various printing options and products, including apparel, homeware, accessories, and more.With Printful, you can quickly start selling all kinds of

custom-printed and embroidered productsEcwid by Lightspeed is integrated with several

print-on-demand services, including Printful. So, you can create your store, connect it to a

print-on-demand service of your choice, and start selling items with your own design in no time.Print-on-Demand

Explained: How to Sell Custom Products without Breaking the BankLearn moreOpen a Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is becoming increasingly popular, allowing people to sell online without ever dealing with stock. The store owner purchases the products from a third-party supplier, who then fulfills the orders directly to the customer.Dropshipping eliminates the need for upfront inventory investment and allows for greater flexibility in product selection and pricing. You can focus on marketing and growing your online store while leaving the fulfillment and logistics to the suppliers.All you need is an online store, which you can quickly create on mobile with Ecwid by Lightspeed. It is also integrated with a bunch of dropshipping services like Alibaba, Wholesale2B, and more, which allows you to launch your dropshipping business with ease.

If you have a DIY or crafting hobby, why not make money from it? There are many online marketplaces and platforms for artisans that allow you to sell handmade goods. One

well-known platform is Etsy, which specializes in handmade and vintage goods.There are other online marketplaces like Amazon Handmade or Facebook Marketplace, where artisans can apply to sell their handcrafted products to millions of customers worldwide.

A personal website is an additional channel for reaching out to potential customers. More exposure is better. If you’re looking for a


You can easily set up a free site with Ecwid’s Instant Site and use a Forever Free plan that allows you to sell a limited number of products. As we mentioned, you don’t need a

desktop–you can set up and manage your online store on your phone using the Ecwid Mobile app.Use Gig Apps

When thinking about how to make money from your phone, many people probably immediately picture apps like Uber or Lyft. These apps are among the most popular methods of making money with your phone. You can arrange for rideshares, delivery services, and more using a simple phone app. apps. It’s definitely possible to earn a

living–using nothing but your phone (and, usually, your car).The money you make from these types of apps usually depends on the app you choose and how much work you put in. Some Uber drivers can make a


liveable wage on the app. These gig apps can be a good source of side income for some. If you don’t own a car, consider gig apps like Fiverr for freelancers. Fiverr allows freelancers the opportunity to show off their skills in a variety of areas such as graphic design and writing, programming, marketing and more. Fiverr provides a wide range of categories and a large user base, making it a viable option for freelancers looking for side gigs or full-time freelancing opportunities.

An example of a freelancer profile on Fiverr

Consider Investment AppsUsing gig apps or participating in surveys is mostly focused on small cash sums. If you want to earn a larger amount of money, you can download an investment app on your phone.Earning money through investing may not be as fast as some of the other methods. You will also need to spend some time to learn about the topic. If you invest wisely, the rewards are much greater. Apps like Acorns make investing convenient and offer the potential for

big-time rewards.Sell Your Data

For some people, the thought of sharing their data represents a major invasion of privacy. For others, however, the idea of selling their data can be a lucrative opportunity. Many marketing researchers will pay you for your data, just as they do with online surveys or user testing. Researchers can gain valuable insights into consumer preferences and habits. It can be an easy way for you to make extra money without having to work. Modern smartphones have a really good camera. You can create your own portfolio with Ecwid, just like Exposure Photography. Smartphone photographers can make money by taking high-quality pictures and selling them. If you’re successful, you can earn a nice amount of money through stock photo royalties.Dive into Content CreationWith the rise of social media platforms, becoming a content creator or influencer can be a lucrative way to earn money using your phone. Whether you have a knack for photography, video editing, or creating engaging content, there are numerous opportunities to monetize your skills.

By building a solid online presence and growing a dedicated following, you can collaborate with brands, promote products or services, and earn income through sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing.

Many influencer marketing platforms connect brands that need


content with content creators, making searching for potential collaborations much easier for creators. Check out platforms like Insense, Collabstr, or Heepsy. 10 Ways Creators Can Monetize InstagramLearn more

Provide SMM Services

If you’re savvy with social media, you can use your phone to earn a


salary by working as a social media manager. You can be either a




employee with a real, liveable wage.

Social media marketing has become a marketing staple for nearly every business today. This job is ideal for someone who knows how to navigate the different social media channels. And the only tool you need for success is your smartphone.

Wrap-UpMaking money with your phone is a great way to maximize the power of your device. You’ll find a method that fits your lifestyle, even if some may take more effort and time. You can earn money with your smartphone today. So why not take action today and see how your phone can help you earn some pretty impressive rewards?If you’re looking for more information on this topic, make sure to check out our blog, where we talk about ecommerce tips and tricks and other related topics.