In Phoenix, a Classics Teacher Goes on a Home-Buying Odyssey. Which One Did She Choose?


Homer may have begun the story this way. Bolmarcich is an associate professor at Arizona State University who studied in Athens on a Fulbright scholarship. She has built a career focusing on ancient Greek statecraft. In January, she began looking for a home after her rent in a suburb of Phoenix increased by 30 percent to $1,800 per month. She only had two conditions: the house must cost less than $400,000. This way, she can use her inheritance and savings to purchase it. It had to be older than a certain age. I teach Latin and Ancient Greek. Phoenix is shockingly modern to me.”

Dr. Bolmarcich’s average house was built between 1983 and 1985. A house in Phoenix was built on average between 1983 and 1990. She saw spacious homes close to friends, favorite coffee shops and restaurants. Many of the houses built in the Phoenix metro area, in Chandler and in other suburbs such as Gilbert and Ahwatukee Foothills were constructed in the 1980s and later. “I had told Sarah to not let me see any historic homes,” Dr. Bolmarcich explained. Phoenix is too far from my path.” But she had to have some vintage style. She had to have a vintage style.

“She ended up staying true to her style by just saying, “I’m okay to drive 15 minutes to lunch with a friend,” Ms. Richetto stated.

Among the options she had:

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