Is TikTok here to stay?


In an advertisement, a veteran

who says his motorized scooter was vandalized praises the app for spreading his story, saying he raised enough in donations to replace the scooter and create a fund for others in need. In one ad, the veteran who says his motorized scooter was vandalized thanks the app, saying that he raised enough donations to replace it and create a fund to help others in need.

In an other ad, the soap maker describes how her business soared after she started making TikTok video.

-010010 TikTok refused to disclose how much money it spends on ads. The goal of this campaign is to get people on TikTok. According to an OpenSecrets report, the Chinese parent company of TikTok spent more than $4.3 million in federal lobbying for the first half year. More than half that amount was spent after the five-hour interrogation by lawmakers of Chew. It’s a significant bump for the company, which spent $5.3 million on lobbying in all of 2022.

A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill this year giving the president more power to regulate or

ultimately ban

companies such as TikTok, but the bill hasn’t moved since being introduced in March.
Dahbura added that the majority of what has been done so far is “political theatre.”

Sen. Mark Warner

(D-Va.), whose group proposed the legislation earlier in the year, said after this week’s AI Forum that lawmakers “have come up short” when it comes to social media concerns. “We can’t repeat the same mistakes with AI,” he said.