Jeffries: House stopgap bill ‘total defeat for the extreme MAGA Republicans'


Hakeem Jeffries, House Minority Leader (D-N.Y.), praised Saturday the efforts of Democrats in passing a bill to fund government for a limited time. He called it a defeat for “MAGA Republicans.” This spending bill was an absolute and complete victory for the American public. And a total defeat for the extreme MAGA Republicans,” Jeffries said during a press conference.

The House on Saturday passed a stopgap funding bill that if passed by the Senate by the Sunday midnight deadline would avoid a government shutdown. It came after weeks of infighting and finger pointing within the House Republican conference.

The CR would keep the government funded at current spending levels through Nov. 17 and includes $16 billion in disaster relief. To the dismay of Democrats, the bill did not include the Ukraine aid, nor the spending cuts or border policy provisions Republicans demanded.

House sends Senate Bill to avoid government shutdown
The House led by Democrats was able to do the right thing for the American people, he said.

The Senate will vote on the House Bill Saturday evening.