Retaining Customers with a Smart Loyalty Program


In this new episode of Ecwid’s Ecommerce Show we speak with Brent Spicer from Marsello. It’s a platform that allows business owners to market their products via SMS, email, and loyalty programs. Brent’s advice can help you make your customers become your number-one fans. His advice can help you make your customers become your



Tune in to the podcast to learn how unlocking customer data can help you create a smart loyalty program that automates your marketing efforts.

Unlocking Customer Data & Automating Campaigns

Marsello started as a loyalty program platform that unlocked customer data and researched purchasing habits. As the business grew, they started running automated email and SMS campaigns based on customer behavior.

Personalization is the Key

Brent stresses the significance of personalization in loyalty programs. A generic newsletter sent to all subscribers could result in unsubscribes. In contrast, personalized newsletters that suggest products based on a person’s previous purchases or browsing history increase engagement.How to Smartly Personalize CampaignsCreating the most effective personalized email depends on products and timing. Marsello uses


algorithms to provide specific product recommendations to particular customers based on their buying habits. Segments of customers are created based on the kind of products they have bought, grouping people who have bought similar products.

Timing is likewise critical. Businesses can use data about their customers to send out reminders at just the right time. For example, you can remind customers to update their running shoes a year after they purchased a pair from you.
How to Differentiate Your Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs can prompt communication with customers. They unlock data that enables businesses to run personalized campaigns.

Traditional cashback loyalty programs will not differentiate a business from its competitors. Businesses need to create smarter loyalty programs which make their customers feel special. The system should motivate customers to reach higher levels in order to unlock exclusive rewards. Customers can earn more bonuses as their loyalty balance grows. Businesses can give loyal customers the opportunity to buy products before the general public. You want to make customers feel valued, which increases their loyalty.

Use AI to Improve Loyalty Programs

Marsello improves its platform through AI implementation, which analyzes data to suggest ways to improve customer engagement. Using AI can lead to simple yet effective changes, from tweaking rewards to improving their effectiveness.

Many businesses view loyalty programs as margin killers. It is important to use loyalty programs in order to create a unique and specialized experience for customers. This approach builds customer loyalty and encourages them to choose your brand over competitors.

How to Treat LTV Customers

Customers with a high lifetime value (LTV) need to be treated differently from other customers. While sending out reminders and discount vouchers to inactive customers can encourage purchases, it won’t work as well for high LTV customers.

Providing money-can’t-buy experiences will make customers feel valued and special. By treating high LTV customers differently, businesses enhance their loyalty and encourage them to become brand advocates.

Gamification for Loyalty Programs

Gamification is a popular loyalty strategy. It gives customers a feeling of accomplishment. People love badges and digital recognition for reaching VIP tiers or other milestones in a loyalty program.

Marsello now implements more gamification features on the platform. Referring to customers as VIP tier names and giving them a badge upon logging in are two examples. Gamification can make customers feel special.

Marketing Automation Powered by Loyalty Programs

Loyalty unlocks the potential of marketing automation. Once businesses have collected customer data through their loyalty program, they can set up triggers that automatically send targeted campaigns based on customers’ buying habits and preferences.

For example, after a customer has made a certain number of purchases of a particular product, they can be automatically sent a relevant campaign. This automation requires some work. With Marsello’s help, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts and let them run in the background.

Marsello was made with smaller retailers in mind. As such, it integrates with point-of-sale systems. Marsello integrates with point-of-sale systems, making it easier for businesses to manage their loyalty programs across online and in person channels. Marsello integrates with


systems, making it easier for businesses to manage their loyalty programs across online and in-person channels.

Integrate Your Ecwid Store with Marsello

You can integrate Marsello with Ecwid by Lightspeed. Find the Marsello App in the Ecwid App Market. The integration process from there is

simple–just01001010 choose the integration and press a button to sync your data into Marcelo automatically. Try out the platform for 14 days. Try the platform out for 14 free days!