Threads for Businesses Explained: Connect with Your Customers on a New App


As business owners in an

ever-evolving digital landscape, keeping up with the latest trends and platforms helps you connect with your audience. As business owners in an ever-evolving

digital landscape, keeping up with the latest trends and platforms helps you connect with your audience.

Let’s learn more about Threads, explain its functionalities, and illustrate how you can use it to engage with your customers.

Unraveling Threads: A New Social Media Platform

Threads is a new app by Meta for sharing short text updates and participating in public conversations. It is a separate Instagram app that taps into Meta’s huge user base. You can add links, photos and videos up to five minutes. You can share a Threads post to your Instagram story or share your post as a link on other social media platforms.

Examples of Threads posts by Meta

Since Threads integrates with your Instagram account, you log in using your Instagram credentials to create a Threads account. Your username, bio, profile picture, verification mark, and other settings will be carried over to your Threads Account. You can follow and connect with people who share your interests, just as you do on Instagram. You can also see recommended posts from people who you don’t follow yet. You will also see recommended posts from people you don’t follow yet.

Is Threads the Same as Twitter?

Now, let’s answer the burning question!

There are some similarities; after all, Threads is a


app for sharing updates and joining conversations.Ulta Beauty offers followers to take a trip down the memory laneHowever, there are differences, too: unlike Twitter, Threads doesn’t have paid tiers and ads. Threads also doesn’t have long videos, private messages, or live audio rooms like Twitter.

Should You Make a Threads Account for Your Business?

No matter how excited (or not) you’re about new social media platforms, we recommend you create a Threads account and claim your business name there.

Threads launched on July 5, 2023, so users are still figuring it out. Meta, most likely, is also still trying to figure it out. Why bother creating an account? Use your business name for all social media accounts to ensure that customers can find you no matter the app. To ensure ease of access, use your business name for all social media accounts so that your customers can find you no matter the app.

Users can easily find Anthropologie on social media using the same name

Even if you decide later to not use Threads, it’s better to stop using it than to try making an account later and find your business name already taken by someone else.


Keep in mind that you can’t delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account. It might change in the future, but for now, ensure you or your social media team do not accidentally delete your Instagram account.

What to Post on Threads: 5 Ideas for Businesses

Social media has been around for quite some time already so you’re familiar with the most common types of content posted there. Educational, informative, and entertaining posts appear on all platforms in different forms–you

can make a

30-second TikTok video on the same topic as an hour-long YouTube podcast.When it comes to posting on Threads, do whatever fits your brand and is relevant to your audience. That said, remember that Threads is a short text-based app. Some types of content would look better on Threads than anywhere else.

A simple text post by Sephora generated almost 400 repliesAnother thing to keep in mind is that Threads is designed to foster positive communication and discussions, so it’s great for community building. Doubling down on posts that promote conversations is a surefire way to make the most of Threads.Pro Tip:

To jumpstart your Threads account, post your evergreen,


tweets there (if your brand has a Twitter page). This way, you’ll start your Threads journey with content that has already proved successful.Wendy’s is well known for its roasting tweets, so its first post on Threads follows the same narrativeHow can you leverage Threads to engage with your audience? Here are a few suggestions:Post



Social media users love bite-sized,easy-to-digest,

useful tidbits. Give followers advice on your brand or business. Such content is very shareable and has the potential to be reposted.Bread gives hair care tips and answers questions about their product Use it for Community BuildingThreads can help build a


community around your brand. Post questions that encourage reflection and debate to start discussions. Ask for feedback and encourage people to share content about your brand.

Nat Geo WILD does a good job with their first post on Threads by inviting users to share their content–great for generating engagement in the account

Post Exclusive ContentUse Threads to show your most loyal customers exclusive content. Share sneak peeks of a new product, behind-the-scenes

looks at your operations, early access to a sale,

limited-time offers, flash sales, and whatever else you can think of.ButhcerBox runs a flash giveaway on ThreadsShare Short Updates, News, AnnouncementsRegularly share updates about your brand, product releases, events, or industry news to maintain your followers’ interest. Share short updates, news and announcements. However, consistency is essential. If you want to use Threads, make it a habit to stay


Netflix shares industry news on its Threads account

Experiment with ContentThese are the first days of Threads, so there are no guidelines or best practices yet. Users post what they feel, while brands copy the Twitter strategy. In the meantime, you have a unique opportunity to experiment with content you’ve been postponing.

The perk of Threads compared to any other new app is that it already has a huge audience, so you’ll see which experiments pay off faster.

Olipop makes their Threads account very informal and unfiltered, which differs a lot from their polished Instagram page

Take the Plunge into Threads

In an age where personalization and close connections are becoming increasingly important in marketing, Threads offers an exciting way for businesses to connect with their audience.

Whether you decide to use Threads to share exclusive content,


peeks, news, or

limited-time offers, remember that the app is especially great for community building. Focusing your Threads strategy around fostering discussion among your audience is a great idea. Learn more about Threads and how you can use it to grow your business.