Trump says he likes 'the concept' of a woman as VP, but doesn't 'think too much about it'


In an interview to be broadcast on Sunday, Trump said, “I like the idea, but we will pick the best person.” “But I like the concept.” Kristi Noem has stated that she would “absolutely” be Trump’s Vice President. Trump also has her “full, complete and unqualified” endorsement.

Trump said to Welker, “Noem is one of the people that I would consider” because she had given him a “full hearted endorsement, a gorgeous endorsement.” But that there were many people on his list of possible picks. Other women, such as Arkansas Gov. Noem told Newsmax that Trump needs to have a partner who is a “strong businesswoman” and knows how to earn a paycheck. She also said that having a mother, wife and grandmother would be a good idea. Trump, the GOP frontrunner at the moment, has said that he’s just focused on winning. All rights reserved.

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